About Us


The Underground Network aka UNNET (you-enn-net) has been a staple in the Denver rave/club community since 1998.  Started by a group of ravers and DJs it was initially created as a portal for music and event posting.  From there the forum exploded and it became the place to look for new music, events, and ideas related to the dance music community. In the days before facebook we hosted over 6000 registered users and averaged 200+ visitors/day on the forums. Our calendar system produced 50% of our traffic and was the most extensive calendar for underground events in the Denver area for years.

After a small sabbatical we are back in 2016 with a renewed focus on content and event promotion across the entire spectrum of music genres and and events.  We look forward to bringing you the community and services you expected in the past from UNNET while at the same time presenting new to you new services from UNNET that will further enhance the local and underground music scenes in Colorado and beyond.

To properly support the needs of the community and the project, UNNET is now part of Revolution Ltd.; a privately-held, Colorado company, focused on advancing technology in niche markets.


Our music culture has seen an explosion in popularity since the early rave days.  No longer a pejorative term or fad, electronic music is now a trans-generational movement, and will continue to influence popular culture for years to come.  Homogenized social networks are extremely influential to the public, which makes diverse, community-centric portals, such as UNNET, more important than than ever before.  The underground music scene has been and always will be where music is the freshest and social progression is pushed furthest.  The underground is owned by electronic music, and we are the network to bring you the underground.

UNNET has always been fueled through the passion of people who have passion for the music.  If you would like to write, review or contribute to UNNET in any way we’d love to work with you.  Contact us for more information!

Managing Director

Over 25 years experience in the rave/club scene as a DJ and promoter and 15 years experience in corporate marketing and customer service is what Brandon brings to the table for UNNET. Responsible for operational management and marketing, Brandon oversees most of the daily operations of the business.

Site Director

One of the founding members of the original UNNET, Michael aka Nommo was a pivotal member in providing the city with a much needed event and discussion portal.  A career technologist, Michael is responsible for technological aspects of the business and oversees the site development of UNNET.

Editor - Music

Eric Bernal, aka Eric.B, has been a DJ and avid music collector since the mid 1990s. With a love for all genres and a keen ear for sound, we are proud to have Eric as our music editor.

Editor - Events

Vania has extensive experience with writing, both for her professional career and for her scholastic career. Her meticulous attention to detail and in-depth experience with technical writing make her a great asset as an editor.

Music Reviewer
Writer - Music

Ghosh has been a Denver DJ and personality for over a decade. His eclectic musical taste and ‘stay angry’ attitude make his take on music unique and exciting.


Bringing a love of music and writing coupled with a passion for finding the next generation of great acts, Stephen has been a contributing writer for UNNET since June 2016.

Editor & Writer

UNNET Bot first made his way into the UNNET landscape back in the early 2000s.  As an ardent and strong supporter of organized event material Bot elevated the quality and consistency of the UNNET calendar.

He has spent the last few years working on different automation projects in the private sector, before retiring last year, in seek of a life of beaches and ladies in the Florida keys.  However, this didn’t last as sand wasn’t very agreeable to Bot’s disposition.  Quickly, he jumped out of retirement in 2016 and UNNET bot is glad to be back doing what he’s really only designed to do, and that’s UNNET events!