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UNNET Music News and Review

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UNNET has a team of writers and editors who scour the internet and music scenes, looking for hot, new sounds and topics.  We focus on…

  • Music & Event Reviews
  • Music News
  • Opinion pieces
  • Music scene and culture stories of interest


We’re always on the look out for stories and ideas.  Got a story you think we should cover?  Contact Us!

UNNET Event Portal


Utilizing CRM technology, we utilize a streamlined, HTML5 based portal for event promotion.  We offer varying methods of data ingestion and an account manager will help guide you through the process to determine the method that suits your business.

Market Exposure

While social media portals allow you to post your events for free, they are targeted and limited in scope.  Through the power of UNNET’s web presence, we offer exposure to new clients and customers you never thought possible, while still offering the features you’ve come to expect from social media platforms.  

In addition to adding your event to UNNET, we offer post aggregation to Facebook and Twitter standard with all packages.  Events are Tweeted, then re-Tweeted as a Facebook post in our UNNET Facebook Page.


Event Portal Options

  1. Free Event Forum.  Event submission/posts will always be free on the UNNET forums.
  2. Event Portal Submission Only.  For customers who seek the exposure of their events through the UNNET Event Calendar Portal.
  3. Event Portal Submission + Ticket Sales. For customers who wish to make full use of the UNNET suite of products.
  • Ad Placement.  Advertise your event through the rotating ads. *Coming Soon*

Interested?  Contact Us for more information!

UNNETIX Ticket Portal



UNNET uses an e-commerce platform, integrated into our event portal, to provide you with a ‘one stop’ ticket sales portal: UNNETIX™.  We charge one flat rate fee per ticket, based on the ticket price and we are the lowest in Colorado.  This fee is included into the ticket price at the time of the sale, so your customer knows exactly what they’re being charged.  And since we’re the lowest price in Colorado, your customers will be happier not paying exorbitant fees/rates!

UNNETIX™ Ticket Sales Options

rsvp-services-page RSVP  With this feature, your customers can let you know they’re coming to your event.  This not only helps you keep track of expected guests, but also to lets the public know how many people are attending!  When activated, this feature allows any visitor to the website to RSVP for your event.
  Check-in  This feature simplifies your check-in process by allowing customers to present you with a QR code on their smartphone or on a paper ticket, which they print out at home. We provide you with an app for check-in, which can be used on any Android* or iPhone* for more flexibility on your end!
*A data/internet connection is required to utilize this feature.

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