STUDIO MIX: Funeral DJs – UNNET Exclusive Mix 001

funeral-djs-rosesThe Underground Network is proud to announce the first in a new series brought to you by UNNET.Net.  The UNNET EXCLUSIVE MIX!  For our first edition we wanted to bring a new talent to the spectrum.  A mix with roots deep in the electronic music community; but newer to the sounds around Colorado.  We recently found The Funeral DJs; a husband/wife duo making unique sounds in Colorado.  Kansas City originators, Justin and Jennifer Whedon front the group and UNNET recently met up with the team to catch up on their projects and who they are.  We’re excited to bring you The Funeral DJs UNNET Exclusive Mix and before we get to the goods of the music we thought we’d catch up with The Funeral DJs:

UNNET: Funeral DJs is a husband/wife DJ team.  Justin you were earlier with a group Ebon can you tell me a little about that and how all this lead you and Jennifer to Funeral DJs?

Funeral DJ’s: (Justin) I started out promoting and throwing rave parties in the early 90’s. After being the one promoting the parties for years, and having put my DJ’ing and writing music on hold for it, I decided it was time to put all my efforts into producing and Ebon was born. The first Ebon track, ‘Sleepless2’ got charted quick by James Zabiela and then included on his 2xCD & 3×12″ ‘Sound in Motion’ on Hooj Choons. Things went well, and fast, after that… getting great gigs, doing remixes for great bands and producers, until my former partner died and I just quit.

When I met Jennifer, who was living in an artist community, I was DJ’ing dives in Kansas City and we were talking about working on music together.  The next thing we knew we were having kids together and everything art and music related got put on hold. Funeral DJ’s was conceived around February of 2016 after we had written another track ‘Ladycop’ under our Hussy Club moniker. The idea was that we could start DJ’ing funerals for people and make a celebration of their lives with the music and people they loved, instead of a dull and sad ‘normal’ funeral.  We could be Funeral DJ’s just like a Wedding DJ… but cooler.  Then we wrote a song that was too dark for Hussy Club and that began the actual manifestation of Funeral DJ’s as a production/DJ duo.

UNNET: A lot of artists in the culture wear many hats, what was it like for you making that transition from Promoter to Producer?

Funeral DJs:  Seamless. I had sort of set the stage in Kansas City and so many other people had started to promote and produce raves and club events… it was just time to move back into a more creative mindset.

UNNET: You recently played in Denver for Opulent Temple’s “first” Denver white party.  OT is known for their events on the playa, have you played with OT before?

Funeral DJ’s: The Denver White Party was our first event with Opulent Temple.  We had reached out to them to see if we could help them with a fundraising party in Denver, which led to the ‘White Party’. I had been asked (twice actually) as Ebon to perform at Burning Man for different camps in the early 2000’s, but it never worked out. When Jennifer and I finally started working on music together, performing at Burning Man and getting involved with the community was a big desire.  The gears are already in motion for another ‘White Party’ in Denver next year, and we will be performing at the Opulent Temple at Burning Man 2017.

UNNET: Having experienced the music going back to the 90s, how do you see your experiences today differently than a few decades back?

Funeral DJ’s: Well, going all night is definitely not as easy as it was in ’94, that’s for sure! The biggest differences I believe are of course in the technology being used now vs then and of course that it’s in no way really underground anymore. Of course, there’s underground stuff going on, but electronic music is more mainstream now than ever. The world has really changed socially. There’s a much larger and easily accessible fanbase, but at the same time, there’s an exponentially larger group of producers and DJ’s to get lost in. As far as the experiences go in the way of decades passing, we’re definitely approaching the way we produce and why differently.

UNNET:  We’ve been keeping tabs on you guys for a little while now and we’re really stoked to see what’s coming from Funeral DJs.  As part of that we’re really excited to announce the very first ever UNNET Exclusive Mix. 12 tracks and an hour of great electronic music.  In listening to this set you span a broad spectrum of flavors in electro and techno.  There’s funk and minimal; pounding hard 4/4, and some popsynth throughout ending with PSB remix by Gui Boratto.  I’ve listened to the mix a few times now and I’m really enjoying it; so I don’t have many questions surrounding it but do you have anything you want to say about this mix, or what went into putting it together?

Funeral DJs: Diversity and the desire to keep the energy of the mix, or any set, dark but inclusive and stimulating to as many people listening as possible is key.  We are methodical and stay open-minded when selecting tracks for a mix. We don’t feel we have to pigeonhole ourselves, or our sets, into one genre. After over 2 decades in the scene, sometimes it gets monotonous to listen to a 4 hour ‘deep house’ or ‘trap’ set that never waivers from the genre. We feel the best thing a DJ can do to remain progressive is to expand not only our own but the listener’s musical experience.

We’re excited to be working on and a part of so many great things; especially having barely been back at it for 6 months. We have some great events coming up in Denver and in Kansas City. We’re playing a special downtempo live PA/DJ hybrid set at Double Daughters in Denver on the 24th of September. We get to play a special set at the First Friday Film Festival in Kansas City on December 2nd. The next night we’re playing an event called Decemburn in Kansas City which is an art-grant fundraiser for Interfuse, the mid-west’s sanctioned Burn which happens each May in Missouri.

On the production side of things we’re finishing up a remix for Pete ‘The Shaker’ Bones and his Red Ant imprint. We also have some other remixes in the pipeline for LA dance punk band Moving Units and a few Kansas City bands we love. We’re also working on new original tracks for Funeral DJ’s and our other projects Hussy Club and Droid2droiD.

You can find Funeral DJs in September at Double Daughters on September 24th in DenCO.  Go Check em out!

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01 – Adam Port – Basement (feat. Daniel Wilde)
02 – The Shaker – Bring Your Love (Dub Mix)
03 – Junkie XL – Cities in Dust (Done and Dusted Glimmer Remix)
04 – Oli Furness – 8ball
05 – Len Faki – Death by House (A. Mochi Remix)
06 – Funeral DJ’s – You Can Die if you Want To (Droid2droiD Remix)
07 – Serge Devant – Late Check Out
08 – Cocodrills – You’ll Never Know (Original Mix)
09 – Tiga – Blondes Have More Fun (The Black Madonna Immaterial Girl Remix)
10 – Digitalism – Roller (Dense Pika Remix)
11 – Pleasurekraft feat. Green Velvet – Skeleton Key (Zoo Brazil Remix)
12 – Pet Shop Boys – Love, etc. (Gui Boratto Remix)



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