Dubstep – A Lost Sound that Lost Its Way

by Staff Contrary to what JD from Korn said, the band did not invent dubstep.  Those who have been in the electronic community for a while know the roots of the sound and were around to see the term associated with the devolved, commercialized, fist-pumping fodder it is today. Not seeking to add another entry into the “so-and-so is the guy who invented dubstep” argument, this story discusses the roots of dubstep from an admittedly  biased perspective. Though you may enjoy the sound of today and find the story to be preachy, we hope you will soon see what was once a pure, minimalist sound has since been watered-down into a rudimentary and painful expression of sound. So where did dubstep come from? 10 years ago, an artist popped […]

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