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The Rave History Project – update1.

I’ve kicked off the Rave History Project!  What kind of madness am I getting myself into?  What is my intent?  What am I even doing?  Good question.

So here’s the scoop:

I’ve got a ton of flyers.  I know you probably have a ton too especially if you were there in the 90’s somewhere across america or elsewhere on the planet.  Raves from the 90’s were everywhere.  But it was underground.  And a flash in the pan when you look at a line that takes you from the fall of Disco and the rise of the Festival.  The Underground Network website is building a cataloged database of these flyers.  I’m going to tag and build out the calendar. Starting with Colorado Raves.  This won’t be exclusive and I hope to use the first state to help identify the format and build out a method to crowd source building the history documentation of what happened in the rave movement.  Why did it happen, and what were the socio-economic elements that gave rise to some scenes stronger than others, and how sound elements bore out of these spaces.   That’s what I’m exploring but I’m starting with the fun stuff first.  lets build out the flyer databases!  Not only is it cool and nostalgic but it helps organize my flyer collection and it catalogs the data so we can do something with it going forward.

Take a look, and come back later too!  I’ll be adding more flyers every week.  If you’re interested in participating in any fashion let me know.  I’ll be looking for help with scanning or photographing larger flyers as well as developing a standard for this process.  I’ll also be looking for help with tagging/cataloging the data on the flyer.  As a rave of one, or with any varying volunteer efforts I’ll get this off the ground!!!  Worst case scenario, the internet will have access to a digitized collection of Nommo’s flyers.  Either way, have fun, I hope you enjoy it.  I am.