The Underground Network

Est. 1998
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UNNET: Version 6 point I don’t know.

Established in 1998; The Underground Network served as a major message board and event calendar for the rave community and DJ/Promotion industry specifically in the Colorado region.  After years in the thick of it, the UNNET finally went dark around 2010 and has been fairly off the radar ever since.  Events some years back re invigorated a desire to do something, and we explored different avenues to support the underground network concept but nothing felt right. It’s been nearly 20 years since we started this project and we’ve wanted to do something.  An idea started to form in 2017 at a raver reunion type party.  We thought, let’s start a rave history project.  This is an evolution of many ideas over time and we figured what better place to start this process than on “the underground network”.  

SO welcome.  To UNNET: Version 6 point i don’t know.  The UNNET was an online resource.  An online tool that brought people together.  SO lets bring people together and document our culture and our experiences.  lets make an online space; a place that documents what happened with the rave culture.  How it evolved and the art it produced alongside the music it developed and sent out to the world.   We’ll start with our community in Colorado; but lets tell the national story; in an online format.  We’d love to have you involved and would love your input.  The Underground Network was a community resource, and the rave culture was a community.  Lets build this together.   If you’re interested in participating or have data/graphics/flyers/photographs/mixes you’d like to offer for photographing and posting online let us know!  The early days of electronic music had many many beginnings all over the country and throughout the world.  Lets tell the story of the DJ, the music, the records, the warehouses, the flyers, the map points, etc.  

+sripes!  and long live the unnet and the colorado raves.